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Alexandria's first working site with workers making mouldings


Alexandria Moulding is a leading moulding manufacturer and distributor of wood and wood composite mouldings in North America & the world. Alexandria Moulding has five domestic Mega Centres that look after its manufacturing and distribution requirements:

  • Alexandria East (Canadian East Coast Manufacturing & Distribution)
  • Alexandria West (Western Canada & American Pacific N.W Manufacturing & Distribution)
  • Alexandria Mid-West (American Mid-West Distribution)
  • Alexandria North East (American N.E. Distribution)
  • Royal Woodworking (Hardwood Manufacturing)

Alexandria Moulding is currently comprised of five distinct facilities within Canada and the United States. Alexandria East located in Alexandria, Ontario; Alexandria West located in Moxee, Washington; Alexandria North East located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Alexandria MidWest located in LaPorte, Indiana & Royal Woodworking located in Bradford, Ontario.

Alexandria Moulding has grown into Canada’s largest wood moulding manufacturer, and is also North America’s leading Manufacturer-Direct retail marketer and distributor of mouldings.

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